Recommended Equipment

JC-WC ARES® is a progressive group in the field of emergency communications.

In this concept we are utilizing more advanced communications platforms. While the use of traditional analog FM voice has been the standard in the past, we are using the Yaesu System Fusion digital voice protocol moving forward.

After extensive testing in the field and net operations the Fusion digital voice platform outperforms analog FM voice in all of our requirements.

  • Better voice clarity
  • Automatic call sign identification
  • Group Monitor feature
  • Text message capability(available on certain radio models only)
  • GPS/APRS functionality (available on certain radio models only)
  • Growing System Fusion repeater infrastructure in our region

C4FM Digital voice is less susceptible to interference in urban areas from outside sources that makes analog communications difficult.

Simplex operations on digital voice were conducted at length during the 2018 Simulated Emergency Test. The difference in range and clarity exceeded analog operations by a large margin, using lower power.

JC-WC ARES utilizes a robust communications plan. This plan takes advantage of the use of 70cm UHF frequencies for a large part of our communications. While the primary emergency nets may be conducted on 2 meters, 70cm is used for administrative and resource communications. Numerous tactical simplex frequencies are designated for onsite and specialized functions.

Members should have a dual band Fusion capable mobile/base as part of their gear. While the ARRL states that a dual band HT is the minimum requirement for ARES members, our terrain and topographic issues require equipment with better power levels.

If you require assistance with equipment selection, please contact us.