How to become a part of ARES®

ARES® membership is open to all currently licenses Amateur Radio operator, regardless of license class or experience. 

The first step:  Members are required to create an online account through the ARES® Connect Website. Once completed, the member applicants information is forwarded to the ARES® organization in your county of residence.

This information is critical for resource management during activations.  Your information is not shared outside of the TN ARES® or your local county ARES® group. 

Once your application is reviewed you will be contacted by the ARES® Emergency Coordinator or an Assistant EC with information pertaining to your membership in the organization.

To create your ARES® Connect account click the link below:

Please fill out all fields as required. Proof of training will need to be submitted if your application is approved.

Thank you for your interest in ARES®.