Washington County Fire Stations online

Effective September 16, 2019 all Washington County Fire Stations are equipped with dual band Yaesu FTM-100DR amateur radios.

In an almost year long effort of planning we now have the ability to communicate throughout Washington County during communications failure and disruptions.

The system will be put to the test during the 2019 Simulated Emergency Test held in November 2019.

Washington County Fire Station radios to be ordered

Attending the Washington County Fire Association meeting on 2/5/19, ADEC George Odom K4ETN presented the Fire Departments with instructions for ordering the amateur radio equipment for each station.

Once the equipment is shipped to each department, antenna installations will be scheduled and the base station packages programmed and bench tested prior to deployment.

A recruitment flyer was handed out to each department explaining how firefighters and other department personnel may obtain their amateur radio license and become ARES members. AEC Chason Freeman KN4MWR is the liaison for recruitment in the Fire Service.

More to come as things develop.

AEC Staff Changes

January 15, 2019

AEC Marty Mozingo KY6U is leaving our organization due to relocation to North Carolina.

Marty has been a valued member of ARES® since 2018 and we wish him the best.

Joining the ARES® staff is Chason Freeman KN4MWR. Chason will be doing a variety of tasks in while getting his feet on the ground in his new position. Initially he will be assigned as the ARES® liaison to the County Fire Service to help development in the program.

Congratulations to all.